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  • Lem Hymes
    General Manager
    Lem Hymes

  • Jim Fink
    General Sales Manager
    Jim Fink

  • Scott DePeralta
    Sales Manager
    Scott DePeralta

    Scott has been with Chrysler for over 10 years and enjoys playing golf, basketball, and paintball.  He was also a member of the NRA, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and even served on the Committee for Economic Development.

  • Greg Uhley
    Finance Manager
    Greg Uhley

  • Browning Grimmett
    Internet/Business Link Manager
    Browning Grimmett

  • Rick McKee
    Sales Associate

    Photo not available

  • Bobby Martin
    Sales Associate
    Bobby Martin
    (831) 801-6384

    Bobby is a proud father to his 1 year old daughter Dylan.  He is married to his wife Liz for 5 years.  He enjoys playing golf, basketball, and softball.  He is 8 months new in the car business.

  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose Gonzales

  • Zach Galindo
    Sales Associate
    Zach Galindo

  • Willy Wood
    Sales Associate
    Willy Wood